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Bingo ArticalesWhat a wonderful sight to see with regards to the amount of players that are entering into the world of online bingo. Online bingo has doubled in the United Kingdom over the past year - from 250,000 to 500,000 - over nearly 250 registered online bingo sites.

These stats were released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and it showed that the popularity of online bingo is growing at a rapid rate. Experts were asked to give their comment and opinion as to why traditional bingo is losing its appeal and online bingo is rising in popularity, the responses were very interesting.

The comments by 888 Holding’s CEO, Gigi Levy “Online bingo is booming everywhere,” he said, “But it’s a mistake to link it to traditional bingo, because that’s a completely different proposition. Our women are young, above average income and typical internet consumers. Land-based bingo is about elderly people, smoking and aggressive slot machines.”

Steven Baldwin, the Chairman of the UK Bingo Association had to say this “When online bingo was invented, land-based bingo feared the competition,” he said. “Now they have realized there is only a 10 per cent crossover of their players.”

No matter the reasons, there is no point in arguing with the facts.

Conclusion - The growth of online bingo remains stronger than ever!




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