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Microgaming software:

Microgaming SoftwareThey proudly power some of the world's most successful, busiest, profitable and favored online casinos there are. They were established in 1994, the Microgaming Software company is the worlds oldest supplier of online casino systems. Microgaming offers more than 250 games for you to choose from. They have all the classics a player would desire and much, much more.

Microgaming fully supports 100% safe and secure gaming, with regards to the worlds insecure Internet environment, that's why security and fairness are their top priority and importance. Microgaming has nothing to hide and has gone to great depths to ensure its transparency by establishing Credibility Technologies like the Pricewaterhouse Coopers payout report.

Microgaming software user friendly:

Microgaming is crisp and very easy to use, the only down side to them is that the speed of their cards are a bit slow, but in this case this could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference. Their software offers their players a detailed log of all the recent past bets, as well as a plethora of other information regarding your betting history.

(MGV) Microgaming Viper software, is as fast as any gaming software out there on the market. Blackjack players with a little more experience can play more than 800 hands each hour. If you are wanting even faster settings all you have to do is go to options panel and select “fastest” and check “switch off all sound”. Autoplay feature enables you to play upwards of over 1400 hands of Blackjack every hour. In order to setup Autoplay you must enter your game of choice and click the “Expert” button. Click autoplay and then set the number of hands you want to be autoplayed. If you feel like you want to autoplay more than 500 hands, then highlight the box and put in the amount of desired hands you want to play. If you want to see how many hands per hour you are playing you can click the stats button during or after autoplay.

Microgaming wireless casinos:

Microgaming are also the lead industry in the new field of wireless casinos. The product GameWire brings the excitement of casinos right to the player's mobile/cell phone. GameWire features brilliant progressive jackpots and games. Plus excellent graphics. GameWire is available in certain phones made by Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and more.

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