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WagerWorks Software

WagerWorks Softwarewas originally a subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, who manufacture slots. In August 2005, IGT (International Game Technology), who are the world's biggest and most successful slot manufacturers around, acquired Silicon Gaming and all of its proprietary slot technologies and game library.

WagerWorks software is the only company with deep roots in the traditional land based casino business -

Which means that they are the only online slot manufacturer which has now put the most favored land based casino slots online. If you are a Regular land casino player then you will already be familiar with the IGT logo that can be found on some of the most popular slot machines in the all time famous Las Vegas Casinos and many other land casinos around the globe.

All the games at WagerWorks are implemented through Flash. which is a huge advantage, because you do not have to perform time consuming downloads to get started in order to play. With regards to traditional casino games, WagerWorks company also offers a huge amount of fun and unique games. The software allows you to review your exact outcome of all games.

Besides from the games and actual playing experience at WagerWorks online casino licensees, all players should expect to be impressed and entertained all night long. Besides the fact of IGT's ownership of a few popular land-based casino slots, WagerWorks has exclusive rights to the online versions of these popular casino games which include the all time favorites Baywatch, Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune etc



Wagerworks Software