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New to Online Gambling:

While playing in online casinos can be a quick way to make money, it’s worth remembering that it can take next to no time to lose. This is something that newcomers to online gambling have to get used to if their only previous experience is in land-based casinos.

There, if you are playing roulette, the pace of the game is quite sedate. Between every spin, the croupier has to take time clearing away the losing chips, as well as paying out those who won. An experienced croupier may be able to quickly work out in their heads how many chips to pay out to someone who had three of their chips on a winning corner bet, but there may be five or six people who need paying out, so it will take some time.

The croupier also has to change money, help players put their chips on spaces they cannot reach and spin the wheel, so it can take four or five minutes between each spin.

These days, that seems ponderous compared to the experience of playing roulette online. If you wish, you can play four or five times per minute, as you are the only player at the table. Once you have put your chips on the table the first time, you can subsequently select the auto-spin feature which automatically puts the same number of chips in the same places every time. That’s great news for people who have a few lucky numbers they always like to cover, but the danger is that if your luck is out on any given visit to the casino, you can quickly see your balance dwindle. It’s important to pace yourself during a session online, and avoid the temptation ot chase your losses. If you start to feel frustrated, it’s best to just chill out. You can always log off, go and get a cup of tea, and come back online another time.