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Online casinos are all the rage these days, but there are a couple of ways in which the traditional “real world” casinos come out on top.

First, there tends to be an exciting atmosphere inside a casino, because players are staking money on every deal or spin and hoping their luck is in. Around the tables, people discuss their successes and give each other tips on where to find the lucky roulette wheels or slot machines. Another good reason to go to an actual casino is that nothing beats the thrill of cashing in your chips at the end of the night and walking away with a bundle of notes filling your wallet.

In online casinos, your balance goes up or down with each stake and result, and of course at any time you can cash in and withdraw some or all of your balance to your card. But for many people, it doesn’t have quite the same satisfaction as having the cold hard cash in your hand. One other way in which traditional casinos score is that, when it comes to blackjack, you can ride the lucky streak of another player. Even if you can’t get a seat around a table, you can look on from behind the action and see which of the players is having a lucky night.

It will be easy to see who has the basic strategy down to a tee and knows when to hit and stand, when to double down and when to split. Most of the time, if given a completely free rein, a blackjack player would prefer to sit on the dealer’s extreme right, in the last seat to bet. That means you get the chance to see what cards are appearing in the hand and what tactics everyone else is using, before deciding on your own strategy. The problem is that only one player gets to sit here, and the rest have to make do with whatever seat becomes available. You’ll frequently see those behind the players putting their chips down behind the bet or luckiest players, staking their money alongside the player’s.

You don’t get to make the decisions then, about when to take a card, but you can profit from a good player’s lucky streak.